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Pennine Tai Chi


Martial Myths

A telling of martial myths and legends, facts and fictions, mysteries and histories, that looks at some of the possible origins and some legendary stories relating to a few of the more unusual weapons. Includes demonstrations with clubs, fans, flute and flag.

(picture by Terry Grice)

The Storyteller

(picture by Geoff Reud)

Arthurian Legends

A story from the mists of British history and the Dark Ages.

Tales of a wizard Merlin, the shape shifter; of a sword Excalibur, forged when the world was young; and the coming of a king Arthur the once and future king.

These stories are linked with martial movements with staff, cane, spear, sword, flag and fire.


A Journey Through the East

Following the path of religion, philosophy and martial arts through the east. Telling of Indian gods and goddesses, the Buddha and the journey of Bodhidharma to China to develop Shaolin Kung fu. From here we visit Indonesia, the Philippines and travel with the Zen experience to Japan. Live or recorded music and several movement pieces accompany the journey.


Peking Opera

Telling of the origins of Peking Opera and the various elements that are involved in this art form. Some of the well-known stories that are often depicted within the operas are recounted, such as Monkey. The stories are illustrated with displays from the warrior role using double ended spear, Dragon King halberd, sabre, long-tasselled sword and Monkey King staff.

Duncan Murphy has specially composed music.


Stories of the Stars

When we look at the stars, the light we see has been travelling for hundreds of years to arrive at our eyes. Similarly, these stories have been told and retold from generation to generation, from mouth to ear for over 2,500 years. These tales of transformation from the ancient Greeks tell of how many of the constellations came to be named.

A site-specific presentation developed for The Planet Earth Planetarium.


Constellation of Perseus from the Arabic Book of the Fixed Stars (Bodleian Library, Oxford)

Story of the Solar System

Follows the ancient Greek stories of our solar system from primeval chaos, to the creation of the sun, moon and planets. The clash of the Titans, tales of cannibalism, incest and adultery, its all here in its earliest form. We weave a story around the gods and goddesses associated with the heavenly bodies and investigate their family tree.

The Celestial Animals

Looking at the Chinese cosmological model of the universe, the five elements, the four cardinal directions and their associated animal spirits and symbolism. Various Chi Kung and weapon displays that are associated with these animals accompany the stories.


Storytelling projects vary from short items of a few minutes, to full evening performances accompanied by live music and martial movement.